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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a book?

$12.00 per credit hour. The rental fee for a three-hour course would be $36.00.

What do I need to pick up my textbooks?

Business Office clearance sheet and a current student ID.

What if I want to purchase my rental textbooks?

Contact the bookstore.

What if I lose a textbook?

First, inquire at the Bookstore whether your textbook has been returned. If the textbook has not been returned it is the student to whom the textbook was issued responsibility to pay the retail replacement cost of the book. It is possible to check out another textbook to complete the semester. If you find a homeless rental textbook, be a good neighbor and return it to the Bookstore.

What if my book is damaged?

The following conditions will result in you, the student, being assessed the cost of the retail replacement of the damaged book: torn covers, water damaged, animal damaged (example: chewing), mud and excessive dirt.

What if my book is out of stock?

Should this happen in one of your classes additional copies will be ordered and available as quickly as possible.

What if my textbook gets mixed up with my roommates or someone else?

Our textbook circulation program assigned a unique UPC number to each book. That unique UPC number is checked out to your student ID number when you pick up your textbooks. If someone besides yourself returns that unique UPC number the circulation program automatically removes that number from your student ID.

How can I make sure all my textbooks were turned in?

You will receive a receipt when you return your textbooks, that receipt will show what textbooks, if any, are still assigned to your student ID. Please make sure you request this receipt, it is your record of the books you have returned.

Rental Textbook Return Information

All rental textbooks are to be returned to the Bookstore on the last day of finals. Students not returning rental textbooks will incur a charge equal to the retail replacement cost of each rental text still in their possession.

Non-Rental Textbook Return Policy

New retail books must be unmarked and unchanged in any way from new condition to receive a full refund. If the book is shrink-wrapped, the shrink-wrap must remain intact. Books that have been marked, damaged or unwrapped are considered used and may not be returned. Books in new condition will be accepted and eligible for a refund. The Bookstore uses the same refund policy as stated on the Drop/Add sheets.

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