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A student support service available to students at Allen Community College is the Writing Center, a free tutoring service that helps students with the writing they are assigned in their college courses, as well as other kinds of writing they do.

The Writing Center is in the Library on the Iola campus. Assistance also is available to all students who attend Allen classes in Iola, Burlingame or any outreach site through the online writing lab (OWL).

Tutors frequently help students with:

  • reports and research papers
  • essays for composition and literature course
  • book reviews
  • article summaries
  • lab reports
  • speeches and oral presentations
  • resumes and cover letters for employment
  • university and scholarship applications

Regular office hours are maintained in the Writing Center in the Library on the Iola campus, and students are encouraged to visit during those hours, or they can make an appointment if preferred. To get help through online tutoring, click here.

Students will find the Allen Writing Center a valuable resource if they are looking for help with:

  • topic selection and focus
  • research
  • organization
  • paragraphing
  • sentence structure
  • word choice
  • documentation
  • proofreading
  • grammar
To see videos about the Writing Center and the Online Writing Lab (OWL) click here.



Bruce Symes, Writing Center Director
(620) 365-5116 x6303
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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