In 1971 a group of active alumni and community leaders saw a need for the college to have an outside funding source to help with student scholarships.  Three local banks donated a total of $1,250.00 and the ACCC Endowment Association was born.  The original board of directors included the following individuals:  Robert Stadler, Robert Talkington, Lloyd Swanson, Dr. Bill Spencer, Mrs. Emerson Lynn Jr., Ivan Strickler, John Powell, Douglas Dawson, Lawrence Singer, Jim Strong, Fred Hiller, Jack Works, Floyd Smith, Dr. John Corpolongo, and Webb Dreiling.


In 1995 the Endowment Association was awarded a Challenge Grant from the federal government.  This award meant that if the Endowment Association reached a goal of $250,000.00 the government would match that goal with $500,000.00-a two for one match!  With the commitment of the ACCC Administration, the ACCC Endowment Board, and the work of many volunteers, that goal was met and exceeded! After an 18-month period the Endowment Association's assets had reached 1.8 million dollars.

In October of 2004, the Endowment Association was fortunate to receive another Challenge Grant and the "Gateway to Education Million Dollar Challenge Grant Campaign" was born.  If $350,000 was raised in a five year period, it would be matched with another $350,000, a one-for-one match, for a total of $700,000. The Endowment Association Board of Directors are always up to a challenge, so adding another $300,000 to the campaign made it a million dollar event! At the end of this Million Dollar Campaign on September 30, 2009; the Endowment Association had raised $1,419, 209.61 and endowed 55 new scholarships!


The Endowment Association launched their newest scholarship campaign----“Enriching Your Future: Celebration 90 Years in Education”-----on November 5, 2013.  There is a five year plan to raise $500,000 for student scholarships and create 25 new scholarships. Currently, the Endowment Association has 176 named endowed scholarships.  In the spring of 2014, we reached assets of $5.2 million!  During the previous academic school year ACC and the Endowment Association awarded just over $1.2 million in scholarship dollars to ACC students!

The Endowment Association sponsors several fundraising activities throughout the year.  These include a telefund, silent auction, live auction and dinner, and a golf tournament.  A scholarship luncheon to honor scholarship donors and student recipients is held in the fall.


The Endowment office is also responsible for keeping a current alumni list. The Allen Advocate, a bi-annual publication from the Endowment Office, is sent to ACC alumni and friends.  If you are a graduate of ACC please register on our website.  If you would like more information about the Endowment Association, would like to make a gift or endow a scholarship, please contact Cindy Adams at 620-365-5116, extension 218.

Updated: 8/23/2011

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