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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

What does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mean at Allen?

Diversity is the range of identities that may exist within a given community which may include, but is not limited to: race; ethnicity; national origin; immigration status; geographic location; language; culture; religion; gender; gender identification; sexual orientation; mental and physical ability and attributes; age; marital and parental status; work, education, and life experience; military experience; worldview; and political affiliation.   

Equity is the quality of being fair and just to each person or groups of people in a given community by ensuring that historically underserved and underrepresented populations have reasonable access to opportunities and outcomes.

Inclusion is the act of creating and maintaining an atmosphere that fosters dignity and respect for all individuals.


What is Allen doing to foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Allen?

To align with the College mission to “empower and educate our students, faculty, and staff to embrace change, become lifelong learners, and take their place as productive members of the global community,” Allen provides access to education without limits of time, place or distance meeting the needs of a diverse student community. Allen focuses on enriching the environment of students and those we serve by engaging them in diverse and inclusive social, intellectual, and cultural activities. Finally, Allen is committed to assisting all individuals equitably with their academic success regardless of ability.

Acknowledgement of Tragedies in the BIPOC Community


Safe Zone Allies