Quality Initiative

Allen County Community College has selected the Quality Initiative, Institutional Data Improvement, and Utilization, to fulfill the Quality Initiative component of the accreditation process through the Open Pathway set forth by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  The Quality Initiative will focus on improving the collection, analysis, reporting, and utilization of institutional data.  The College aspires to use quality institutional data toward improving student learning and over-all institutional effectiveness by making data-informed decisions.  In addition, the College wishes to improve the quality and consistency of its data reporting to its coordinating (Kansas Board of Regents) and accrediting (HLC) bodies.

As a rural community college in an economically-challenged region of Kansas, Allen County Community College is committed to offering its students exceptional learning experiences in a caring environment.  For Allen to achieve its mission, institutional data collection, analysis, reporting, and utilization are essential.  Data-informed decisions assist the College in using its resources wisely and efficiently in the best ways to support students in their learning and to support instructors and staff members in their professional development.  Data collection must be accurate and efficient; data analysis must be appropriate and contextual; data reporting must be timely and complete; data utilization must be balanced and informed.

Allen strives for continuous quality improvement, directly addressing areas of concern when they are identified.  Focusing on the College’s data collection, analysis, reporting, and utilization capacity and processes meets a need within the College, addressing areas of concern identified by Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Business Affairs as priorities for improvement and growth.

This initiative is aligned with the College’s Strategic Plan.  The Quality Initiative builds upon Strategic Plan objectives in technology planning and infrastructure, student learning assessment, and institutional effectiveness.  These institutional initiatives both provide foundational support and make imperative the improvement of institutional data in the four areas – collection, analysis, reporting, and utilization.