President Dr. Bruce Moses

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For nearly a century, Allen Community College has provided exceptional educational opportunities to students of Iola, Kansas, the United States, and throughout the World. Quality, access, and caring have been the hallmarks of the College from its beginning and are entrenched in all we do.

Allen’s quality comes in large part from a competent faculty and staff who are dedicated to the art of teaching and quality student service delivery and who are professionally equipped in their area of expertise. Faculty members are committed to delivering education in all modalities and the use of the newest technologies to encourage student success and academic excellence. Complementing the outstanding faculty and staff are excellent administrative professionals who have committed themselves to the concepts of strategic responsibility, accountability, and authority to influence student success.

Allen continues to be one of the most affordable colleges and best educational values inside or outside the State. In addition, the College offers excellent financial aid and scholarship programs for those who qualify.  A full array of athletic and artistic programs offer scholarship opportunities for those who attend the Iola Campus and academic scholarships are available regardless of where or how a learner takes classes. 

Emphasizing student success throughout the institution has developed a caring atmosphere at Allen. Every employee understands the importance of our students and is dedicated to facilitating the achievement of their academic, social, and personal goals. Students have opportunities to develop close relationships with faculty and staff in face-to-face, online, and hybrid classes. These connections help to promote the caring atmosphere that makes Allen special.

I am proud to be the incoming President of Allen Community College and promise that as its leader, I will continue to uphold the principles of quality, access, and caring.  These qualities have made Allen the exceptional educational institution it is today and will provide the basis for a successful future.