Vision, Mission, & Guiding Principles

The Vision of Allen Community College is to be recognized for excellence as a valuable, responsive resource to the communities we serve and as a caring, supportive institution that empowers and educates our students, faculty, and staff to embrace change, become lifelong learners, and take their place as productive members of the global community.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Allen Community College is to provide quality educational and support services in an atmosphere that is caring, safe, and conducive to learning.  The college is committed to a wide range of accessible, affordable educational programs that enable students to reach their academic, occupational, and personal potential.

Guiding Principles to Support this Mission:

  1. Provide access to education without the limits of time, place, and distance.
  2. Enable learners to transfer college credit and successfully pursue an education at other institutions.
  3. Enable students to study career/technical education certificate and degree programs or upgrade work skills that prepare them for successful employment.
  4. Enrich and encourage personal development through course offerings.
  5. Prepare students for success in college-level work in reading, writing, and computational skills through developmental courses.
  6. Foster diversity within the student body, administration, faculty, and staff.
  7. Enrich the environment of students and those we serve by engaging them in social, intellectual, cultural, and recreational activities.
  8. Support student retention and success through effective advisement and other support services.
  9. Enhance the student experience by incorporating intercollegiate activities in student life.
  10. Promote economic development.
  11. Provide campus facilities that are safe, comfortable, and conducive to learning.
  12. Promote a program of continuous institutional improvement that ensures quality, effectiveness, and relevance.