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Livestock Judging

Livestock Judging offers many benefits to individuals who participate on the team here at Allen Community College. If a student has an interest in breeding, raising, or showing livestock; then it is important to develop those skills required to visually evaluate livestock and understand performance records. Not only does livestock judging teach evaluation, but it also builds confidence and stimulates ones mind. Equally important, this experience helps refine the decision making process through making logical, rational decisions based on information gathered and helps improve oral communication and observation skills. Being a member of the livestock judging team also helps to build self-discipline and improve leadership skills essential for future career success. The team gives members the opportunity to meet people with the same interests and goals as themselves. Students have the opportunity to meet prominent livestock breeders, view their facilities and make acquaintances that will often last a lifetime. Finally, team members develop a competitive attitude and edge, that will make them more valuable, and marketable upon graduation.

Competing on the Livestock team here at Allen allows students the opportunity to travel around the country and compete at several national contests. Allen travels to the American Royal in Kansas City, the NAILE in Louisville, Kentucky; the National Western in Denver, Colorado; the Ft. Worth Stock Show, the San Antonio Livestock Show, and the Houston Livestock Show. Plus we travel to several other contests through out the year. Allen is fortunate to have all team members’ expenses covered while on trips. 

Allen’s livestock judging program is very intense in its teaching of livestock selection and its application to the livestock industry. While competition is important to the learning process of judging team members it is not the single component of their training. Many hours are spent evaluating livestock at some of the premier operations in Kansas and across the nation.

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Quentin Yoho

Quentin Yoho

Livestock Judging Coach/Agriculture Careers Specialist
A.A., Coffeyville Community College
B.S., Kansas State University
Iola Campus