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Allen Community College: Kansas Open Records Request Act (KORA) Form

A specific description of the requested records (requests should include as much detail and specificity as possible to expedite the process) ​
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The College’s Custodian of Records may ask detailed questions to fulfill the request accurately and request proof of identity. If the request is unclear, the individual making the request may be asked to complete an Open Records Request Form. Additionally, if the request concerns certain personal information, the requesting individual may be asked to sign an affidavit confirming that the information disclosed will not be used for any prohibited purpose under KORA or other applicable laws. 

Most records will be produced within three (3) business days of receiving the request. A written explanation will be provided if the request is delayed or denied. 

The College may charge reasonable fees, not exceeding the actual cost, for access to records, copies of records, and employee time for processing an open records request. Charges will be collected in advance based on a fee estimate. If the actual cost in time and resources exceeds the fee estimate, the requester will be billed for the fees incurred. If the cost exceeds the fee estimate, the requester will be refunded any difference over $5.00. 

The fees charged will equal the actual cost of furnishing copies, including the cost of employee time required to make copies or supervise the copying. Fees for providing access to computer records will include the cost of computer services, including the employee time required. 

Some of the fees that may be charged for providing access to or furnishing copies of public records are: 

  • Specialized Computer Retrieval: $50.00/hour 

As appropriate, fees may also include third-party consulting or legal charges, including the costs related to any necessary redactions to the requested documentation. 

The College will make every effort to process a request for Public Records as soon as it is received. However, there are several reasons that a request may be delayed or denied, including: 

Requests may be delayed if: 

  • More information is needed to retrieve the records. 

  • Legal issues must be addressed before the records are disclosed. 

  • The volume of records requested is large and will take time to produce. 

Requests may be denied in whole or in part if: 

  • The requested records do not exist. 

  • The request was unclear or vague and needed to be resubmitted 

  • The requested records are not Public Records 

  • The requested records are exempt from disclosure under the exceptions listed at K.S.A. 45-221 or other applicable law 

  • The request places an unreasonable burden on the College in producing Public Records 

  • The records custodian has reason to believe that repeated requests are intended to disrupt other essential functions of the public agency. 

Requests for records must be mailed or emailed to: 
Custodian of Records 
Allen County Community College 
1801 N. Cottonwood 
Iola, Kansas 66749 
Email: koracustodian@allencc.edu