2+2 Transfer Agreements

Allen logo 067968 3d glossy blue orb icon alphanumeric plus sign simple Washburn
Addiction and Prevention Studies + Addiction Counseling
Anthropology/Sociology + Anthropology
HPE - Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Athletic Training
Chemistry Biochemistry
Business Administration Business Administration
Chemistry Chemistry
Criminal Justice Studies Criminal Justices - Law Enforcement
Chemistry Forensic Chemical Science
Pharmacy Technician Health Science - Health Services Administration
Political Science + Political Science
Psychology Psychology
Sociology/Anthropology Sociology
Theatre Theatre
Allen logo  067968 3d glossy blue orb icon alphanumeric plus sign simple KSU logo 268
Business Administration  + General Business
Addiction and Prevention Studies  + Family Studies and Human Services
Early Childhood Education  + Family Studies & Human Services/ECE
Farm and Ranch Management  + Technology Management
Production Media  + Technology Management
Psychology  + Interdisciplinary Social Science