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Several computer labs are open to student use at both the Iola and Burlingame campuses. These labs each contain several IBM-compatible computers, and allow the students to write up homework papers, do research on the internet, check email, and other activities. All computer lab use is subject to the Allen Internet Usage Policy.

Internet Usage Policy

  1. Access to the Internet through the Allen Community College facilities is a privilege, not a right.
  2. Access and use of the Internet and the Allen facilities is designed to serve a traditional education goal.
  3. Access at any given time is NOT guaranteed.
  4. Use of the Internet through Allen facilities to further a commercial enterprise or for personal financial gain is prohibited.
  5. Use of the Internet must be ethically and morally prudent, reasonable, and exercised with good judgment.
  6. Examples of use considered ethically and morally objectionable are:
  7. Sexually explicit literature, images, or graphics.
  8. Images and/or instructions of a criminal nature.
  9. Abuse of Allen facilities, equipment, or access privileges is considered a violation of this published policy.
  10. Those who are determined to have violated this policy will face a stiff penalty to include a fine, facilities restriction, expulsion, or any combination there of.

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