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In 2001, Henry "Skip" Kreibach, a computer science instructor, designed this new crest fCrest_finalor Allen Community College. It shows a large torch flanked by an oil lamp on the left and an open book on the right. The flame from the torch is windswept, forming the vague silhouettes of two students. In front of the torch is a banner bearing the year of Allen's founding, 1923, in roman numerals.

In many stories and myths, fire represents knowledge. The torch's eternal flame shows that our pursuit of knowledge never stops. The flames are windswept, symbolizing the windswept plains of Kansas. The multi-colored flames represent diversity. The forms of students in the flame is symbolic of filling the students with knowledge.  In many cultures, the oil lamp represents prosperity and a desire to conquer darkness or ignorance. The open book represents learning and study.



Red Devil Logo & History

Since its founding in 1923, Allen Community College has had many logos to represent the Red Devils. One of the more popular logos, nicknamed "Chubby" by many students, is shown at the left. Another popular logo, affectionately dubbed "Pierre," is shown at right. These logos were used until the late 1990s.


In 1998, many of the coaches wanted a more menacing Red Devil. Kyle Malzahn, the head Devilsoccer coach, created a few different designs and presented them to the Allen Board of Directors. The board adopted the "Power Devil" shown at the right. This became the first "official" logo for Allen. Its sharp lines and stylistic design convey the message of speed, power, and a touch of attitude.

Lyrics by Steven Dye, Patty Abts,
and Gerald Chester

Our dear old College in all its glory
With spirit and pride so true,
Tells us of an age old story
Of helping students through.

In these halls are the doors to knowledge
And confidence in our minds
That we can have the best junior college
From now 'till the end of time.

May red and black forever reign,
Our colors in heart and mind
And may we echo in loyal strains
The spirit of ties that bind.

So raise your voices high in praise
And sing out loud and clear,
For when we go our sep'rate ways
We'll recall these happy years.
Lyrics by Tom Campbell

We are the Allen County Red Devils;
We are the scarlet and the black.
We are the best and so you better beware,
'Cause we're gonna go on the attack!

We are the Allen County Red Devils;
To count us out would be a sin.
We have a fire that burns within our brave hearts;
We're not gonna stop until we win!

Go Red Devils!
Fight Red Devils!