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Assessment of Student Learning

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  • Assessment Day
  • Classroom Assessment 
  • CATs Workshop 
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques 
  • Course Assessment 
  • Program Assessment 
  • Institution-Wide Assessment 
  • CAAP Assessments 
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Assessment of Student Learning demonstrates and measures student learning of stated Learning Outcomes in the classroom (onsite and online) and at the course, program, and institution-wide levels.  Information and data from the demonstration and measurement of student learning is used toward continuous improvement of instruction through all four levels of Student Learning Assessment.

Allen Community College instructors participate in Classroom Assessment, Course Assessment, Program Assessment, and Institution-wide Assessment.

Instructors consistently engage in Classroom Assessment in all modalities of instruction to gain insights into student understanding of lesson concepts.  At right is a sample of Classroom Assessment Techniques compiled by Allen instructors during a recent Assessment Day session.

Course Assessment is conducted by instructors selecting a competency within a Student Learning Outcome of a course, selecting a method of assessing student learning of the competency, and then reporting on the assessment, results, and improvements.  Reports are then reviewed and discussed by division faculty during Assessment Day sessions.  For some courses where there are multiple sections taught by multiple faculty members, all instructors teaching the course may assess the same competency.  In this situation, comparative data may be used for discussion during Assessment Day.

With the drafting of Program Learning Outcomes, Program Assessment is in development.  Presently, as an aspect of Program Review, faculty members annually examine and discuss student learning data with the College’s academic deans and institutional research director.  This occurs during the fall semester every academic year.

Institution-wide Assessment occurs during spring semesters and is currently being expanded to more closely align with the College’s general education degree requirements. The College uses the following categories for Institution-wide Assessment: 1. Effective Communication, 2. Mathematical/Analytical Reasoning, 3. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, 4. Social Context in the World, and 5. Appreciation of Arts and Humanities.