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Creative Writing Club

2018 Open Form Contest Winners

First Place

“If Guns Were Made of Crayons” by Aaron Summer Javadi

Second Place

“Angel’s Lullaby” by Shiloah Hutsen

Third Place

“Why Can’t They See” by Caroline Gatschet 

Art Contest Winners

First Place

“The Astronomer” by Caroline Gatschet

Second Place

“Untitled” 5 Piece Photography Collection by Tracie Nasca

Honorable Mention

“Don’t Worry” by Tyler Rogers

2018 Inferno Short Story Contest Winners

First Place

Megan Boehmer, “The Darkest Times”

Second Place 

Megan Blythe, “The Path” 

Third Place

Raul Sanchez, “Judas”


2017 Poetry Contest Winners

1st Place Winner

“Frankenstein” by Molly Henderson

2nd Place Winner

“Metamorphosis of Some Sorts” by Antonio Smith

3rd Place Winner

“The Struggle” by Nicholas Reynolds