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Christina Sewell

Composition and Literature Instructor

Creative Writing Instructor

Courses: Creative Writing, Composition I, Composition II, Introduction to Literature, Poetry, Fiction, Children's Literature.

Christina received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in English at Ottawa University, studied French at l'Universite de Montreal and received her Master of Arts Degree in English, with an emphasis in Composition and 20th century American literature, from Missouri State University. Christina's educational career was highlighted by her opportunity to study Creative Writing with Dr. Lora Reiter, author of such novels as One Was Annie and collections of poetry such as Snake in the Cradle, and Dr. Dexter Westrum, author of Elegy of a Golf Pro and numerous publications on author Thomas McGuane.

Christina has published a number of poems in small publications and academic journals and most recently published a series of poems, "Angst," "Ozark Fall," and "The Reality of Life," in Kansas English.She focuses much of her writing on semi-autobiographical stories combining aspects of her childhood in rural Kansas and her studies of literature of the American West.

She has been a member of the Allen faculty since 2002 working to develop creative writing online at Allen. Christina has taught nearly all of the English courses offered at Allen, but chooses to focus primarily on writing courses which allow her to use her background and variety of skills to offer students a firm foundation in general education courses and also to provide students with the opportunity to expand their writing skills and creativity.

For more information email: Christy Sewell: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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