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 Housing Q and A:

Q: How do I get a room in student housing?

A: Click here for instructions.

Q: Is summer housing available?

A: Summer housing is available for students taking summer classes at Allen. Students must be enrolled in 3 credit hours of on-campus classes per session to reside in the residence halls for summer.

Q: Can I take a virtual tour of the residence halls?

A: Allen residence halls are open to the public for tours anytime during business hours. Anyone looking to tour the residence halls and/or campus can set up a tour through Allen's admissions office.

Q: Are the residence halls co-ed?

A: There are four residence halls on the Allen campus. Masterson Hall, Red Devil Duplexes, and Herynk Hall are all co-ed. Horton hall is primarily male students, while Winter Hall is female only. If overflow occurs in Winter Hall, women may live in Horton Hall. All suites are gender specific so that there are no co-ed rooms or bathrooms.

Q: I need to send some of my belongings by mail ahead of time to my hall.   How should they be addressed?

A: Unfortunately, Allen is unable to accept or store personal property.

Q: Who is eligible to live on campus?

A: Any Allen student who enrolls full-time is eligible to live on campus.

Q: How much does it cost to live on campus?

A: Housing rates for the 2017-2018 Academic Year:

  • Horton Hall with 18 meals per week                 $4,950                     
  • Winter Hall with 18 meals per week                  $4,950           
  • Masterson Hall with 5 meals per week             $4,950           
  • Red Devil Duplexes with 5 meals per week      $4,950           
  • Herynk Hall with 5 meals per week                   $4,950                       

Q: Are the residence halls strictly for out-of-county students or athletes?

A: Residence halls are for any Allen student who requests placement by completing the application/contract, paying the $100.00 deposit fee and provide proof of the meningitis vaccination or sign the meningitis vaccination waiver. To access the application/contract you will need to access the myAllen student portal located on our website homepage. Students will need to log in by entering their Allen student ID# and password. Once you have accessed your myallen portal please click on the Student Life tab and click on fill out housing application/contract.

Q: Are scholarship students required to live on campus?

A: Any student who has an activity or athletic scholarship at Allen is required to live on campus. Some exceptions are made based on students living within a 30 mile radius of the school and whether space is available. If a scholarship student wants to live off campus they must apply for a release to live off campus directly through the Office of Student Life

Q: Do all freshmen live in the same residence hall?

A: Most freshman are assigned to live in either Horton or Winter Hall. There are opportunities for freshman to live in either Masterson Hall, The Red Devil Duplexes or Herynk Hall. These opportunities are based on completion of the housing process.

Q: When and how should I apply for housing?

A: Housing application/contracts will be updated with the new academic year rates and ready to complete online by March if applying for the Fall semester. If you are applying for the Spring semester housing application/contracts will be available in December. When completing your housing application/contract please be sure to make sure you completing your application for the correct year. Housing is assigned based on the date of the received housing application/contract, $100.00 deposit and meningitis vaccination documentation or waiver. We can’t guarantee an open spot in residence halls if application/contracts are completed in the month of August. If you complete a housing application/contract and $100.00 deposit and rooms are no longer available a letter will be sent to you and your $100.00 deposit will be refunded.

To apply for student housing students should access the myAllen portal by clicking on the myAllen link located on the homepage. Once you have accessed your portal click on the Student Life tab and click on fill out housing application/contract.

Q: How do I request a roommate?

A: If students wish to designate a specific student as their roommate, each student will need to input each other’s name in the roommate preference portion of the application/contract.

Q: How do you match roommates if I do not request one?

A: Students who do not request a roommate are matched with other students based on the answers to the roommate matching questions portion of the application/contract.

Q: When will I receive my hall and roommate assignments?

A: The last week of July all room assignments and roommate information will be posted in your MyAllen portal.

Q: How do I request a reassignment/change of hall assignment?

A:  Once housing assignments are designated, students are discouraged from requesting changes.  After all residents have checked in, students wising to change their hall assignment must contact their Residence Hall Director.

Q: How and when do I pay for my hall charge?

A: You can pay your hall charge with your financial aid or through a monthly financing plan setup through the Allen Business Office.  All students are required to have a zero balance before processing in the residence halls.  Exceptions are made for those students who have financial aid pending.

 Q: Does my financial aid cover my residence hall cost?

A: Financial aid varies from student to student. Any student looking for financial aid must consult with the Allen Financial Aid office. Students may sit down one on one with a financial aid advisor who can assist with the financial aid process. Allen Financial aid advisors are prepared for all questions a student and/or parent may ask.

Q: How and when do I pay my residence hall charge?

A: Students may use a variety of methods to cover the cost of housing. Please contact the business office for more specific answers.  All students must have a zero balance on their student account or financial aid pending prior to moving in the residence halls.

Q: What if I need to cancel my housing assignment?

A: Students who notify the Director of Student Life in writing, received on or before August 1, (December 1 for spring contracts only, new residents) of their intention to cancel their residence hall contract will receive a 100% housing refund on the housing deposit.  Students who cancel their contract after the first working day of August, (December 1 for spring contracts only, new residents) prior to check-in may receive a 50% refund.  No refunds are given if a student cancels the contract after they have moved into the residence halls.

Q: What type of security do the halls have?

A: Allen provides twenty-four hour video surveillance inside and outside of Winter hall, Masterson Hall, Horton Hall and the Red Devil Duplexes. All of the campus buildings also have video surveillance for security purposes. Each residence hall has adult professional staff that provides supervision. The college also has a great working relationship with local law enforcement.

Q: Is parking available for all residents?

A:  Allen Community College does not have parking permits for the residents. There are enough parking spaces available for each resident in each resident hall but all spaces are on a first come first serve basis.


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