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Career and Job Information

Help is provided for students concerning career/job topics as well as life/education plans through the following:

  • Career Assessment: Activities leading to information regarding the nature of work involved in particular career/job areas, working conditions, employment outlook, educational qualifications and pathways, related occupations, and sources of additional information related to a student's chosen career/job title.
  • Shadow Experience: Typically one day spent interacting in an environment that matches a student's possible career interest.
  • Internships: 45 or more clock hours spent interacting in an environment that matches a student's possible career interest through enrolling in BUS173 Management Seminar for credit.
  • Practice Interview: a mock interview conducted by professionals working within or with access to the student's chosen career field/job.
  • Informational Interview: An opportunity for a student to discuss job aspects and issues regarding particular jobs or career fields that match a person's goals or preferences with people actually working in the field.
  • Volunteer Experience/Service Learning/Civic Engagement: Application of course content/objectives or personal involvement on a volunteer basis in the community outside the classroom increasing the student's networking, career awareness, intentionality, and/or civic involvement.
  • Interview, Resume. Career Exploration, Job Search Advising

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