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Allen’s Online Learning offers a broad range of courses to help you complete the degree or certificate program of your choice completely online.  You will share the same great resources with other Allen students – both the Library and Writing Center are available online or via email. You can balance all the things you value and fit your education into your schedule.


Allen’s General Education courses – Art to Biology to Physical Sciences to Sociology to Accounting to Theatre – are university-parallel, providing that solid foundation for when you complete your Associate’s degree and transfer on to earn your baccalaureate.  Allen’s Career and Technical Education courses – Allied Health to Addictions Counseling to Business to Criminal Justice to Early Childhood – focus on industry-based competencies, preparing you for a 21st Century career.

And we’ll share a current trend: 90% of our students report that our online offerings are challenging and over 90% would recommend our online courses to someone else. Allen is known throughout the region for quality academics and caring faculty. Kansas is our campus!

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