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Basic Information about Allen’s Online Courses

  • You can earn your entire degree or certificate online.
  • Our online degrees are fully accredited. For more information, select the Accreditation link on the right.
  • Online courses qualify for all types of financial aid.
  • Textbooks for almost every class are rented. The rental fee is included in the tuition.
  • You may pick up the textbooks at either campus location or have them mailed to you.
  • Online courses have schedules, due dates, and deadlines just like an onsite course.
  • Online courses require time management skills. Expect to spend 6 hours or more weekly on each online course.
  • Technology problems may happen. We still recommend you have a second computer or internet site as a backup plan (e.g. the library or a friend or relative).
  • Successful students are highly motivated, disciplined, patient and have basic computer skills.
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