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Free Downloads

Free Downloads

Some online courses at Allen will require certain freely-available software to view class materials. If your computer doesn't already have this software installed, you can download it here.


Acrobat Reader

Microsoft Word Viewer (2003);displaylang=en

Microsoft Excel Viewer (2003);displaylang=en

Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 Viewer;displaylang=en

Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint 2007 File Format Converter (direct Microsoft link);displaylang=en


Mozilla Firefox

Please note the newest versions of some browsers may not work the best. To see the most current certified browser list, go to and scroll down below the login area.


AVG Free

Other Software

Real Player;player-version=&has-flash=true&flash-version=7.0&bw=371

Open Office



Microsoft Media Player

Quick Time Player

Adobe Flash

Adobe Shockwave Player