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Online Learning

Are online classes a good option for you?
Answer each question, score the quiz, and assess how well online courses would fit your needs.

Yes      No       1.  Do you need to take this course now for a degree, job or other important

Yes      No       2.  Does your lifestyle (family, work or personal schedule) make it difficult for
                             you to attend courses during scheduled times?

Yes      No       3.  Do you often get things done ahead of time?

Yes      No       4.  When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, do you prefer
                             figuring out the instructions on your own?

Yes      No       5.  Are you comfortable and competent sending e-mail and using the Internet?

Yes      No       6.  Do you usually read and understand the textbook without help?

Yes      No       7.  Do you look forward to learning new technology skills?

Yes      No       8.  Are you willing to commit 6-8 hours per week to a course?

Yes      No       9.  Are you self-motivated and self-disciplined?

Yes      No       10. Do you feel that high quality learning can take place without the face-to-face
                             discussions in a traditional classroom?

Yes      No       11. Can you communicate effectively in writing?

Yes      No       12. Are you willing to "speak up" when you have a question?

Yes      No       13. Do you enjoy working independently?

Yes      No       14. Could you benefit from direct, personal written instructor feedback?

Yes      No       15. Do you have (or are you willing to obtain) access to a computer, Internet
                              service provider and telephone modem at home?

Yes      No       16. Do you believe in the value of critical thinking in the learning process?

Yes      No       17. Can you be open-minded about sharing your work, life and educational
                              experiences as part of the learning process?

Yes      No       18. Do you usually think ideas through before responding?


Interpreting Your Score
How many of the above questions did you answer with a 'Yes'?
Use the following scale to interpret how well you are prepared for
successfully completing an online course:

18-15: Excellent
You appear to have the discipline and communication skills needed to succeed online.
14-12: Fair
Online courses might work for you, if you make some adjustments.
11 or less: Need Improvement
Online courses are probably not a good option for you.



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