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Endowed Scholarships

Updated 3/6/2018
Scholarship Name
Abbott/Ballard Athletic: Craig & Georgia Abbott and Ron & Kristin Ballard Athletic Scholarship
Abbott/Ballard Business: Craig & Georgia Abbott & Ron and Kristin Ballard
ACC Entrepreneurship 
ACCC Employees & Friends
ACCC Lions Club
ACCC National Education Assoc.
ALCO Implement Inc.
Allen County Hospital / Health Midwest
Allen County Hospital Medical Staff
Allen County / Woodson County
Medical Scholarship
Allen Memorial, David L.
Allen Memorial, Minnie B.
Ambler, Spencer & Helen Academic
Ambler, Spencer & Helen Athletic
Anderson Memorial, Bobby
Apt Memorial, Mrs. Ada Norton
Apt, Fred & Denise
Apt Memorial,  Richard Coleman
Arnold Memorial, Heather Lynn
Arnott Memorial, Bernita & Stuart
Ballard (House) Scholarship
Bain Scholarship, Gerry & Don
Baker Family Scholarship
Baker Bill & Beth Memorial Music
Barclay, Robert & Norma Athletic
Barclay, Robert & Norma Academic 
Barclay, Robert Science
Bauer, James & Shelby Family Scholarship 
Blue Cross & Blue Shield Foundation
Boyd Family, Klein
Brown, Jack Agency
Brown, Russell
Burlingame Holding Company
Burlingame Lions Club
Burlington Rotary Club
Burlingame Vending Scholarship
Burris, Mark & Deanne
BVD, Inc. Softball 
Carpenter, Mary Ruth
Caywood Memorial, Frank R.
Chalker Memorial, Joe
Chester, Gerald Memorial
Coffield, Travis & Jessy
Colt, Mack C., and Sara
Community National Bank
Copy Products, Inc.
Cox Communications Technology
Curry Family 
Darby Foundation Scholar, E.H.
Davis, Harold "Buddy"
Dewey Memorial, Vivan and Owen 
Dieker Family 
Dieker, Jeff, and Tammy
Dietz-Linnville Memorial, Brigitte
Dreher, Stanley
Duke, Leslie
Emprise Bank--Iola
Emprise Bank--Humboldt
Fine Memorial,  Bill & Betty
Freeman Bill and Joan Scholarship
French Family Educational Foundation
French Oil Company, R.E.
Friends of ACCC at Osage County
Gates Rubber Co. Employee 
George Memorial, Caryn Beth
Gilpin Claud F. & Helen McGrew Gilpin 
Gilpin, Helen Moore (Theater)
Gilpin Memorial, Howard
Great Southern Bank
Griffin Athletic/Activity Scholarship
Griffith, William A. Family
Haire Memorial, Hugh and Katie
Haldex Brake Products
Hampton, Robert
Harvey Collins Memorial Scholarship
Haynes Athletic, Joe & Flo 
Haynes Business, Joe & Flo 
Henderson Memorial, Bill Golf
Herynk, Rollin and Rachael Memorial
Hill, Taylor Memorial Art
Hiser Wayne and Oleata
Hixon Memorial, Jack
Hodgson, Henry and Phyllis
Hood Memorial, Rev. Don
Horde Memorial, Willard
Horton, L.L. & Dorothy
Iola Citizen
Iola City Employee 
Iola High School Class of 1960
Iola Kiwanis Club
Iola Pharmacy, Inc.
Iola Rotary Club 
Iola Wal-Mart
Johnson Fine Arts, Dan & Linda 
Kessinger 4-H Memorial, Miles
Korte, Loren & Janet Agricultural 
Kramer Memorial, Harry & Ruth 
Kress Memorial, Jacob/Katherine
Kress Memorial, William Paul
Landmark National Bank
LaRue, Roy & Amy
Lathrop Memorial, Merle & Jimmie Lou
Lawrence Memorial, John
Leavitt  Family
Lee, Harry & Joyce
Lee, George & Melva Memorial
Lee, Lester & M.M. Memorial 
Lewis Bryan Family Scholarship
Lind Edward A.and Louise S. 
Ludlum, Memorial Danny 
Lugo John Memorial
Lust John Family Scholarship
Lust, Joyce D. 
Lusty, Memorial, Susan E.
Lynn, Emerson & Mickey
Malcolm Creative Arts
Manes, Larry & Nelda Cuppy 
Maple Eloise Memorial Music
Marquis, Suzanne & Edward
Marsh Fern Fine Arts
Masters Memorial,  Kevin
Masterson Memorial, Frank & Leona
Masterson Jennie Memorial
Masterson, John & Georgia Athletic
Maxwell Memorial, Joel & Avery
McFadden Family Schol., J.P.
McIntosh, Barbara & Gary
McLean, Val Baseball
McLean, W.W. Memorial
McRae, Memorial John and Connie
Miller Memorial, Susan S.
Monarch Cement Company
Moser, Ralph & Viola
Murrill Insurance Tom & Beverly 
Myers, Memorial Dr. Wilson Eugene
Nelson, Memorial Howard L. 
Neosho Valley Quail Unlimited
Nickell Memorial, Elmer J.
Osborn Memorial, Dr. T.O.
Oser, Memorial A.N. & Ethelyn  
Papa Rob Scholarship
Pearman Richard and Agnes Memorial
Perkins, Vic & Maxine
Pfeiffer, George & Alverna
Piqua State Bank
Porter, Dr.Frank & Robyn
Powelson, Scott and Carol
Ray, Memorial Beth E. 
Reynolds, Terry T.
Riley, Maurice & Rose Mary
Rolf Agriculture, Jane & Bill
Rolf Business, Jane & Bill
Rotary Club of Burlingame
Sarver, Delmer & Pauline
Seabury Foundation
SE-KAN Asphalt Services, Inc.
Shafer Memorial, Marvin (Kiwanis)
Singer Glen & Dee Singer  
Singer Memorial Kenneth L. 
Singer Memorial Lawrence L. 
Skye & Ally: Not Forgotten
Smith Memorial Floyd C. 
Sonic Drive-In of Iola
Stadler Memorial, Mary E. & Robert F.
State Farm Ins.  (McRae & Sparks)
State Farm Ins. of Woodson Co. (Sanborn)
Talkington, Robert & Donna
Talkington, Robert & Donna (Schmaus)
Tebbets Gary Memorial Music
Thompson, Kent & Susan
TLC Auto
Topeka Chapter AGA
Traw Steven Paul & Susan D.
Traw, Susan D. (Wittmer) Memorial Music
Ulrich Memorial, Leland & Arlene
Uphoff, Frank & Gerry
Voelmeck Memorial, Josephine (Kress)
Waddell Memorial, Robert E.
Walden Family
Walden, Bill and Cara
Ward, Memorial  Col. Dale 
Waugh-Yokum & Friskel
Weatherbie Memorial, Wendell & Betty
Wheat, Memorial T.D. & Naomi
Whitcomb, Memorial C. Stephen 
Whitehead, Helen Gates
Whitworth, Jerry & Sharon
Wille, Virginia
Winter, Lucille
Wolf, Bill and Janelle
Workman Memorial Anna
Yates Center Scholarship
Yavorn Scholarship
Young Memorial Andrew 
Zahn, Edward V (Ag)
Zahn, Richard & Julie (Theater)
Zornes, David & Cynthia Chemistry/Math
Not Yet Endowed
Alger Family Memorial Scholarship
Bob Counsil Memorial Scholarship